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The Glock 19

Glock 19 GEN4

Simple to Use

The greatest thing about Glocks is they have no manual safeties to fiddle with – Glock invented the automatic safety. They have internal mechanisms, and I suppose you could call the trigger safety a “manual” safety since it is something you press with your finger, but it remains that if you need to fire this gun all you do is pull the trigger. If you don’t want it to fire, don’t pull the trigger. It will not fire if you don’t actively pull the trigger to completion, releasing the striker to cycle into the chambered round. It just won’t, and let’s leave it at that before this gets way too long.

Simple to Own

Maintaining a gun can be a chore, depending on what it is. However, like an all stainless steel revolver, a Glock is basically maintenance free. Just clean it after you shoot it and you’re done. You can thank it’s rugged durability, mostly, but also another aspect that you can’t see without taking it apart: it’s easy to take apart.

AR10 Vs AR15

AR10 Vs AR15

About the AR 10

The AR 10 is a powerful semi-automatic rifle. It’s some 42” long and has a barrel length that is just less than 21”. It weighs anywhere from 7 to 9 pounds depending on how it’s configured.

So you are curious to learn more about the AR 15? Here are some of its major design features and characteristics. To start with it must be made known that the AR 15 retains many of the best design features of its forerunner the AR 10. It’s also a powerful semi-automatic rifle. The AR 15 is around 39” in length and has a barrel length of approximately 20”. It’s even lighter than its predecessor because of its shorter length and the fact it has even more hi-tech and lightweight plastics in it. An AR 15 weighs in at 6 to 7 ½ pounds in most cases depending on how it’s configured. There are two common ammunition sizes that you can use with it. The first is a Remington .223 round and the other is the standard NATO 5.56mm round. You can click off almost 1-round per second in its semi-automatic mode. A normal size clip for the AR 15 holds 20 to 30 rounds but again there are several variants to this. The AR 15 also creates an incredible muzzle velocity of over 3,150 fps. Its effective range is 525 – 600 yards and that increase to around 800 yards with a high powered scope. It also has an upgraded direct gas impingement system that contributes to its increased rate of fire and muzzle velocity. Combined with its military version the M16, the AR 15 is one of the two most widely sold rifles in the entire world (the other is the AK47). It has great appeal to those who hunt with it because it’s versatile, lightweight and can be configured in a number of effective ways for hunting use.

HK VP9 Review

HK VP9 Review


Drawing its inspiration from the previous models, HK managed to develop one of the most dependable handguns but still affordable. You do not have to pay a lot of money to access its amazing features.

The trigger

Sometimes the trigger mechanism can influence the type of people who would want to get this type of handgun. HK claims that you will have a superior trigger pull each time when using the handgun. It is also expected that it will be better than any other striker-fired mechanism available today on the market. As much as that is the case, it is a subjective claim. You can have those who would like it and others might have a different opinion.


The magazine for the VP9 handgun is high quality. It comes from Germany, a country with a good reputation when it comes to making handguns and cars too. The magazine has quite an interesting construction. It comes with what the manufacturer calls as a zipper assembly. The aim was to make it easy for you to use it.

Range Performance

Being good in performance is what would drive more people to consider buying it in the first place. Well, the handgun feels good in the hand and the same when shooting. Once in the hand, you simply have to point and shoot. One thing that makes it possible to shoot easily should be the sights. The sights on the handgun makes it easy to pick up and align the target for you to start shooting.


As you can see, this handgun has its own strengths and weaknesses. Nevertheless, you should find this type of handgun quite impressive for several applications. Many people who get this model want to use it for tactical purposes. The best part is that it can also appeal to many people, whether they have experience or just starting out with handguns. With all the top features, you should find this handgun being good value for the money.

SIG P250

Sig p250

The SIG P-250 is no exception and has really set the standard for a cost effective weapon. With other similar weapons coming in at around the same price range, SIG is now competitive and sets a new standard.

However what is the catch? This price has to come at a cost to performance right? Absolutely not.

Reliable, durable, and more versatile than I think people give it credit for, the P-250 is right on par with the likes of Glock, Smith&Wesson, and Springfield. Coming in a wide range of calibers and sizes gives the shooter so many more options and choices out of the same weapon system. This is great news for the avid shooter always looking to see if there is something better or different to add to their collection. The trigger pull is hard to describe. It is somewhere between that of a Glock and a 1911. However you can change that easily. The P-250 comes with the ability to change the trigger, not only the size but the pull. People that have carried duty weapons for years have raved about how much smoother he trigger pull is on the P-250.

Bang for your Buck

The old saying you get what you pay for holds true in most cases, however the SIG P-250 is reliable. It can hold up to the most rigorous of tests and conditions and still fires. The only failure to fires experienced came from crappy and cheap ammunition.

Final Verdict on the SIG P-250

It is a good weapon.

It fires when it needs to fire and its got a lot of options to keep you busy.

And it is safe, and will keep you safe.

Great for a duty weapon, for every day carry, or just for home defense.

Its a great entry level and starter weapon for a new defensive shooter. In fact it is really perfect in design for that purpose, the new shooter.

Best AR-15s Under $1,000

Best AR-15s Under $1,000

Currently, the AR-15 market is very saturated. So many companies make AR-15 products that sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. This is especially true if you’re a new shooter on a budget. How do you know where to start? We’ve been in your shoes before and I know that it’s frustrating. Today, we want to share with you some of the best AR-15s under $1,000.

Our Best AR-15 Picks Under $1,000

  1. Bushmaster XM-15 M4A3  

    Bushmaster XM-15 M4A3

    Bushmaster’s XM-15 M4A3 is what comes to mind when most people think of a basic AR-15. It is lightweight, handy, and comes ready to shoot.

    Bushmaster XM-15 M4A3

  2. Ruger AR-556 

    Ruger AR-556

    Ruger has long been a company known for providing high quality firearms at reasonable prices. Recently they decided to enter the AR-15 market with the AR-556 and SR-556.


    Ruger AR-556

  3. Mossberg MMR Carbine

    Mossberg MMR Carbine

    Most gun owners will recognize the name Mossberg. Perhaps best known for their shotguns, they also stake ground in the AR-15 market.


    best ar under 1000

  4. Savage Arms MSR 15 Patrol

    Savage Arms MSR 15 Patrol

    First of all, this next rifle blew us  away with its features. Why? Because it’s packed with value for the precision shooter. To start, the MSR15 features a .223 Wylde chamber which can shoot .223 or 5.56 ammo with increased accuracy. In addition, they treat the barrel with melonite; one of the most durable and high-tech finishes available.

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  5. Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport 

    Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport

    The Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport is a basic, lightweight carbine. It handles well due to its 6 and a half pound stock weight. The provided rear Magpul sight folds down to allow mounting of optics along the top rail.

  6. Springfield Armory Saint 

    Springfield Armory Saint

    Springfield Armory received some flak for getting into the AR game so late. Although they entered a field with a lot of competition, this certainly forced them to come to market with a very valuable offering.


    best ar 15 for under 1000

  7. Colt Expanse M4  

    Colt Expanse M4

    The Colt Expanse allows shooters to own a Colt-built rifle at a low price. Known for their quality above all, Colt produced the Expanse as a low-cost entry point for building a custom rifle.


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Rock Island 1911 Pistol Review

Rock Island 1911 Reviews

That ol’ .45 ACP M1911, it’s a beauty of a pistol. It was created over a century ago, and it has undergone a few tweaks over the years. Even so, the basic design of how the pistol works has not changed.

And, instead of making an imitation pistol by another name, Rock Island decided to release a 1911 by the proper name. . . The Rock Island 1911 isn’t a replica. Rather, it’s a representation of the original M1911. The original M1911 was similar to the Model T Ford, in that you could have any variety you wanted, as long as it was the same one that came off the factory floor.

Some Observations

The pistol is comfortable to shoot and is well balanced. With the weight of the pistol, the recoil is manageable.

There are no tooling marks on the gun, so the machining is of high quality. The gun is nice to look at, as well as shoot, with the wood grips adding character.

It may jam a few times during the first 500 rounds. After that, though, it seems to shoot flawlessly and can take just about any ammo. And it’s accurate at least out to 50 yards.

The Verdict

This is a decent pistol for the money. It’s accurate, well balanced and a pleasure to shoot.